October 18th, 2006 + 3:10 PM  ·  TekMasterLuke

Some musicians wish for bad things to happen to them so they might have inspiration for a song. Years ago I fell into this category. Just recently my sister died in a car crash. Now that it happened I don't even want to make music anymore. I can just picture her smiling when I showed her any new music I came up with. She might not have liked it, but she would never tell me that. I just don't know what to do with my life anymore. Continuing on just seems pointless now without anyone to share my music with. Everything happens for a reason, I just can't see it yet.


October 20th, 2006 + 7:10 PM  ·  Nakedtoes4me

Well.. You can definitely share your music here!!!
And I believe if you and your sister were close... I bet her spirit or
presence is around if you take the time to think about her.....
And I am sure she would want you to continue to make music
Music can be a way to release your emotions to give closure to say goodbye
to grow......I truly believe everything does happen for a reason. In time you will
know the reasons, or come to reason with the things that happen.
Death isn't just something that happens. It is something that every living thing goes through.
I don't believe that that is the end of the line either..... there is more.....
we just don't know what it is until we get there!..... Death is so hard to deal with at times.
Sometimes it seems more than what a person can handle.... but with hope and faith,
closure will come and we move on.... but we never forget!  I hope that I have helped you,
or anyone else that may read this.  For I too have dealt with death....just take one day
at a time... remember good times... and it does get easier!   I promise!  

my thoughts are with you

October 21st, 2006 + 12:10 PM  ·  battlecat

Luke: I'm saddened by the news of your loss. In times like this, I believe it's normal to go through a period of time where you don't feel like making music. My suggestion is to "ride with it" for now...to let you feelings and thoughts to take their natural course. I hope you will stay in communication with others that can support you (Like Bandamp...I know there are many people who would be more than willing to "be there" for you...) My thoughts are with you. The music will come back in time. Maybe you can express this experience in music later.

there are reasons.....

October 21st, 2006 + 1:10 PM  ·  Nakedtoes4me

I thought about it last night.......like we said above...
there are reasons things happen...........there are reasons
you are here on Bandamp......      
I think this place can help you.....not just with music.
This place is like being part of a family. You are a part of something here...
There are those that care.... I mean really care.......

skype post

October 21st, 2006 + 1:10 PM  ·  alittlepaperdoll

and i would of listend. but you didnt say any thing to me. thats what happend. that the reson you stoped the pms and junk. and me being self sentered thought i had done something wrong.
 i just found out about your blog
 and i know its real late over there and you proubly wont get this till morning
and by then ill be off in my own little world doing what i have to do and all that,
 so i wont be able to talk for a while and your proubly tired of talking
thus the scilence that youve put around you when you get on skype, hell im serprised your even on at all.
 but i want you to know, even though im an "enternet friend" so what i say doesnt really count and i proubly should shut up now because i dont really know you and all that, but i want you to know, that i really miss you.
 and im going to say the stupidest thing that any one can possibly say to some thing like this, but im going to say it any way, but, i hope you feel better soon.
October 22nd, 2006 + 10:10 AM  ·  PuppetXeno

Loss is hard to digest... I can only wish the best for you and your family, my thoughts are with you.
Take all the time you need in this process, and remember: although things are never going to be the same, her spirit will always be with you. I bet she wouldn't want you to give up living yourself...

At this moment your thoughts and feelings are probably crowded and clouded with sorrow, confusion, anger and whatnot. This is all natural - just let them go about their way... Seems so easy to say but ofcourse it's not. Eventually they will make place for fond memories and a face that will be a warmth in your heart for ever on. That's actually something to look forward to at this point...

Good luck, and have faith,

October 22nd, 2006 + 10:10 PM  ·  slasherx

It seems as if your sister liked the idea of your music. Why not honor her memory by making more music? I'm sure you would make her proud by doing so, and I'm sure she's still with you in that regard. 
October 24th, 2006 + 12:10 PM  ·  DarkAchilles

yes ur sis would like u to keep making music. just think of all the happy times together that is wat i think about my grandpa since he is dead just have faith not all is lost

What is Obvious

October 29th, 2006 + 11:10 PM  ·  gordo

Is that you feel your music is something that needs to be an ongoing celebration of your sisters life. As it should! I wish you all the best in your time of mourning. And an enlightened promise in your continued musical celebration. See you soon!!


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